What does the doctor’s journey to the Rosicky’s suggest?

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It suggests that the Rosickys are renowned for their warmth and hospitality. Dr. Burleigh has just pulled a night-shift at the neighboring Marshall farm, where he delivered another baby. But although the Marshalls are quite well-off—certainly a lot richer than the Rosickys—their house is a pretty "slovenly" place, as the doctor describes it. The Marshalls' large, and ever-expanding brood, have ensured that theirs is not a house in which Dr. Burleigh would want to spend much time unless he absolutely had to. His visit to the Marshalls' farm was nothing more than a professional chore; his turning up at the Rosickys' place, however, is a social call. Neighbor Rosicky's house is a veritable haven where Dr. Burleigh can be assured of good food, good company, and generous hospitality.

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