What do you think the doctor's thoughts about the major and the narrator are in the short story "In Another Country" by Ernest Hemingway?

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The doctor thinks that the major and the narrator do not believe in the healing power of the machines. The purpose of the machines is to cure the injured soldiers of some of their disabilities. For instance, the narrator’s “knee does not bend, and the leg drops straight from the knee to the ankle without a calf, and the machine is supposed to bend the knee and make it move.” The doctor knows that the narrator and the major are pessimistic of the ability of the machines to restore partial, if not full, use of their deformed limbs. This is why he continually encourages them. He tells the narrator things like “What did you like best to do before the war? Did you practice a sport? You will be able to play football again better than ever.” He shows the major a photograph of a withered hand that transforms after machine therapy and asks him whether he has confidence that his hand too will undergo the same transformation—a question the major answers in the negative.

Even though the...

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