What does the doctor report about M&M in That was Then, This is Now?

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In Chapter 9, Bryon and Cathy find M&M in an upstairs bedroom of a hippie commune-type home strung out on acid. They are told that M&M is suffering from a bad trip and tried numerous times to jump out of the window. When they find M&M, he is acting irrationally and claiming that spiders were trapped in his stomach, eating his insides. Clearly, M&M was out of his mind, and they decide to take him to the hospital. In Chapter 10, the doctor tells Cathy and Bryon that M&M will recover physically, but there is a possibility that he will never recover mentally. He says that there is no way of knowing for certain if M&M will get better. The doctor also tells them that he doesn't believe that M&M will ever be completely the same and begins to elaborate on the negative effects of LSD. Byron tunes him out because he refuses to listen to "sermons" about how kids shouldn't do drugs. Bryon is also upset at the doctor's report because he doesn't think the doctor should be giving depressing, hopeless news to families about their loved ones.

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