what do you write about in character analysis for Water for Elephants?

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
In general, a character analysis reviews the personality and motivations of each character. In this particular story, it might be important to point out some of Jacob's motivating factors. He feels lost and alone after the death of his parents. We also see the older version of Jacob still feeling lost and alone after the death of his wife. Jacob seems to have dificulty opening up and letting go. He kept the story of his parents death from his new friends at the circus just as he keeps the story of Rosie from his new friends at the nursing home. For Marlena, it might be important to point out that she was trapped in the marriage to August. Many of her actions are drawn from fear. She was very young when she ran off with August and was unable to get out of the marriage once she learned what kind of man he was. This made her feelings for Jacob all the more powerful. We can certainly analyze the duality of August's nature as well. One minute he is kind and gentle, but the next minute he is vicious and brutal. Remember that each main character deserves their own character analysis. It is importnat to look at their personality and motivation as well as their actions and interactions with others.
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