What are some of the things readers value in literature? Explain what you or others value in literature. Reflect it on the values that a previous literature teacher seemed to hold.

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All of the posters make good points. However, many students struggle to find a motivation to read let alone enjoy reading. They start school excited about and wanting to learn to read. At some point, many of them lose this enthusiasm. Many of my students say it's because the drive to read for points (such as Accelerated Reader) as assigned by teachers in middle school, makes reading a chore. Therefore, I would say that what students value in literature is a sense of adventure and fun.

Part of the value in literature comes from the experiences of the reader. Each person is going to look at a piece differently. You bring your experiences to the text. Some people value familiarity, because the text reminds them of something. Others value the lessons a piece of literature teaches.

When reading literature, I enjoy a strong and original narrative voice but I also read for ideas. Theme is central to the pleasure I take in reading a good novel or short story, because in large part it is in...

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