Discuss the different stages of "curriculum development."

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I think that you will find that different thinkers, organizations, or institutions will refer to the stages of curriculum development with different terminology, breakdown, or identifications.  At the same time, many of the elements within these phases can be concurrent.  While benchmarks are there, what happens within those demarcations can be simultaneous and sometimes happening at varying times.  

There can be though some general consensus as to how curriculum development advances. The first and primary stage that starts all curriculum development would be the problem in education or in a content area that needs to be identified.  This is the target area through which curriculum addresses this need.  

Following this would be an exhaustive understanding of which individuals are best qualified to start the process of developing a curriculum that will meet the target area.  In this discussion would also be resources that can be used and even methodological approaches along with curriculum that will be embedded in the process.  Along these lines would be the stage of understanding how the targeted learning audience can be appropriate for the messages that the curriculum wishes to deliver.  These phases have to be supplemented with how the curriculum implementation and execution will be assessed. 

Essentially, this implementation and execution phase questions how effective is the curriculum.  Within this is the question of how assessment will be collected, who will be doing the assessment, and what are the best assessment metrics that can be used.  When outcomes of the curriculum are embraced, how will successful outcomes be recognized?  

At this point, the question of implementation and its phase will be understood and articulated.  Timelines for rolling out the curriculum will be articulated at such a juncture.  This is supplemented with the notion of evaluation and reevaluation of curriculum once it has been fully implemented, training has been provided to staff and stakeholders, and an understanding of the newness of the curriculum has been articulated and advanced.

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