What do you understand by a "decolonization of mind?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, this concept is related to a Postcolonial frame of reference.  The idea of "decolonizing the mind" is one where an individual seeks to construct a reality outside of the Colonial element that has been constructed for them.  For example, how would someone who lived in India under British rule be able to envision a post- British world?  The idea of "decolonizing" the mind relates to the individual experience of a social or political reality.  In this concept, there are certain elements of cultural capital that go along with Colonization that directly impacts the individual.  What is considered right, just, fair, beautiful, acceptable, and normative are all challenged when one seeks to "decolonize" the mind and envision a Postcolonial world.  This becomes one of the fundamental issues behind postcolonial literature, namely how does an individual define their own existence beyond a colonial one that has sought to define them for so long.  Essentially, in the "decolonization of mind" one has to define themselves, a process that is challenged when one has been defined.  This shifting from object to subject becomes one of the primary focal points of "decolonization of the mind."