What do you think would have happened if Ruth hadn't died early?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I had to edit down the original question.  I think that one of the largest implications of Ruth's early completion is that it enabled Tommy and Kathy to become emotionally close.  If only for an instant, Ruth's characterization had been one in which she seeks Tommy's company, even though she fully understands that there is probably a stronger emotional connection between Tommy and Kathy.  Ruth's need for Tommy was not as emotionally driven as Kathy's.  In dying early, she sets the stage for Kathy and Tommy to become closer.  At the same time, this notion of obtaining a deferral out of love is something that is pursued.  This would not have been pursued had Ruth not died early.  The group emotional dynamics of the three were altered with Ruth's early death as it enabled the two of the group that probably should have been together for a longer time to finally find some level of comfort in one another's arms.  Kathy's own wayward emotional state would have been continued had Ruth not died.  Kathy being a carer for others and seeking to find some level of sexual satisfaction from others without much in way of a long term commitment would have continued.  Yet, in Ruth's death, there is the ability to for Kathy to find an emotional home and sense of purpose, something that lies outside the realm of being a donor and being "completed."