What do you think the world be like be if there  had been no technology?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technology is simply the word we use for the application of physical/chemical "laws" -- the knife, the spearhead, the cup, the faggot, the wheel, etc. were all technologies.  Today we think of electronic technologies, but just a generation ago, technology was the telephone, the light bulb, the airplane, the radio.  The question lacks specificity in its present wording.  If the asker means "the latest technological advances, such as cell towers, etc., then the question has substance. 

science2014 | Student

Technology has bestowed the mankind with various electronic gadgets like cell phone, computers, television, refrigerator and so on, which has become an indispensable part of our life. More advanced technologies are coming up everyday and people are embracing it with joy and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the quest for the unknown has broadened our studies from molecular levels to nano-levels which is being manifested in solar cells, medical diagnostics, cancer treatments, sensor devices and so on. Our life has become much more easier and things have become much more user-friendly, all due to the technological developments.

If we have to live in a world where there is no such technology available, it will be like putting ourselves on a time-machine and going back to primitive ages where people used to have no cooking apparatus, no utensils, no clothing, no education, no enlightenment and had to depend solely on the mercy of mother nature.

In fact, a journey backwards will be even more difficult as human being has become accustomed with so much of comfort and ease. It will appear that the conscious effort that we have given to differentiate ourselves as superior human being, the evolutions that has occurred, and all the advancements that we have made are basically useless leading to immense frustration. Probably this will also make us think a bit more philosophically about what life is and what simple living and simple thinking can offer.

ik9744 | Student

That's a great question! What would the world be like if there is no technology. First of all, war would not be that common, since most of the weapon used in war if not all all relies on advance technology. More people would not be that lazy by playing games on their computers. No technology equals no phones meaning no communication throughout the world. No communication would mean the world wouldn't be so advance in science. One of the steps in scientific inquiry is communication. We wouldn't even know if the other countries are having wars since there is no communication throughout the world either. You would lose most of your entertainment, like television, video games, phones, computers, and etc. If you don't know most of our lives depend on technology. The people dieing in hospitals rely on technology to live. Even eggs that get to our house rely on technology, the process of it takes multiple technology.

Yet that is only the negative side, my father always told me how much fun it was when there was NO technology. They would usually go outside and play in mud all day, tag, hide and seek, and more. He was introduced to computers in high school, yet no one used it since it wasn't very advance back then. Back then meaning it would bring down the percentage of obesity in the United States, and everywhere else.

This is my own opinion, I think technology overall do help us, but we would be better off without it. The people that tipped this opinion for me are the ones that stay at their house playing video games all day. Without getting a job... relying on your parents when you're older than 20 in not right. They should be relying on YOU not the opposite. The amount of kids playing video games or addicted to any technological entertainment is way too much. They probably spend more time on the technology then actually going outside and seeing the nature. I won't lie even myself is addicted to a lot of video games, they just suck you in.

Short Answer:

The world wouldn't be as advance, but on the other hand people would start to go outside more. Hanging out with friends/family. It would also drop the obesity percentage down by a lot. Communication through phones wouldn't exist making you actually get up and going to the person also helps you get physically fit. The world would be better without technology even though our lives sort of depends on it.

chrisyhsun | Student

Simply put, the world would be slower. Everything that can be defined as technology is used to make certain actions more efficient. Televisions, computers, phones, etc. are all used to transmit information more easily. Even older versions of "technology" that society today may scoff at such as the wheel and other simple machines are used to move items more easily and to help ease the burden of transportation or other types of work. Without all these types of technology, human beings would not be able to accomplish as much as quickly because every action we take would have to be done in the most basic method rather than with the help of other tools.

rachellopez | Student

The world would be so much different without technology. Our society has advanced so much with new inventions and improved math/science. Technology isn't just phones and computers, but it is cars, electricity, medicines, etc.

If electricity wasn't invented we would still be relying on daylight to do our jobs and farmers would have to rely on the sun to work in the fields. Now we have night shifts and farmers can use lights to work anytime they need to. Cars, trains, and planes deliver food and other products all across the world and so quickly. Without that it would be a hard process just to get food to the whole population.

Honestly, I think without technology we wouldn't be thriving like we are today. Humans are known as the dominant species on Earth, but if we didn't have the technology to accommodate us I don't think we'd survive. With so many people on the Earth, the demand for food and medicines have sky rocketed and technology is the most effective way to get that to everyone.

On the other hand, I feel like if we did survive we would have closer communities. Instead of staying on the Internet, families would get together more and everyone in town would know everyone else. That is the only thing technology has really done that doesn't benefit us. We still meet people and have lots of cool conversations with people we'd never be able to meet on social networks, but our communities are distant.

mchandrea | Student

Technology is a very wide field that was created to make human life easier. It is defined by the dictionary as

"the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area."

Technology has different effects in every aspect of our lives. It may be as complex as life-saving researches like stem cell therapy and radiation, and as simple as every bit of information and hospital tools. In agriculture, we have cloud seeding and automated machinery. We have factories that make most of our needs like clothing and even food. Our cars are technological advances and so is medicine.

The human race of the 21st century basically rely on technology. It is not just a matter of cellular phones or smart phones and tablets or even the internet. 

The world without technology, would be an underdeveloped world. There is no evolution, and there would be no improvements.The way our ancestors lived their lives would be exactly the same way we would live ours, if we would cease to exist.

I think if there had been no technology at all, we would be extinct. How would our primitive ancestors survive without fire or tools and weapons; and animal skin as clothing, and meat as food. There would be no cars, no airplanes, no boats. Our feet would be the only means of transportation.

Again, i am emphasizing that technology is not only the electronic advancements but also the simple thing we rely on every single day.

eli468 | Student

Technology has long been said to have been around since before humankind. Animals living before humans would create simple hunting tools to help catch insects and other things. In terms of technology as a simple broad definition, it would be impossible to live in a world without technology. However, if you are referring to technology such as electronics and other newer innovations, then we would just have to look back near the beginning of human kind. There are some tribes who live today without technology. They create their own tools out of things from nature, eat from their nature soundings, hunt, gather, and kill their own food, etc. There are many things that would become problematic. Here are some of them.

If humans had to go back in time it would be highly detrimental and kill off a lot of the human race. Length of life would go down as well. Without having vaccines, medicines, medical help, and other things it would be a lot easier to die from a simple disease such as the flu. People would have to learn to hunt and gather food because there wouldn't be machines to help harvest food nor trucks and planes to ship it. Finding pure water would be very difficult and there would be no filtration systems unless someone already knows a way to make a natural filtration system, which still needs certain materials that would not be easy to obtain.

Communication would go back to being very slim. You would have no idea what was going on, on the other side of the world nor within your own country. Without media and communication mankind would become a lot more ignorant and isolated. 

People would go back into groups and fighting others to keep hold of their land and food sources. Clothing would all need to be made by hand and people would have to be much more careful because if you have shoes that become easily penetrated and you cut your foot, that alone could kill you. 

Having to build a shelter without technology would be possible, but extremely difficult and the shelter short-lasting. Surviving hot summers and freezing winters would also be a huge factor.

Essentially without our modern technology our population would decrease immensely world-wide and life would be much shorter and more difficult.

user396107 | Student

Well if there was no technology then I believe the world would not be as advanced as it is currently. However the population would not perceive themselves as not as developed or behind as they have never witness or experienced technology. In my opinion, our world now revolves around technology. In my daily life, technology surrounds me. 

taangerine | Student

In a world without technology, there would be an inefficient way to transmit information across the world. New discoveries would not be globally shared and make some countries fall behind in advancement. However, without technology, the community would aid and look after each other more as they are simply no longer distracted by an incoming text message or call. They would be more attentive and aware of their actions.