What do you think will be the biggest health concern for the future (within the next 10-20 years)  You can focus on diseases, viruses, plagues, or other topics. 

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The most probable health concern in the near future would have to be obesity. Children are consuming all these terribly unhealthy foods at places like McDonald's because their parents are either too ignorant to know how bad it is or are just too lazy or too tired after work to make a healthy homecooked meal, so it general results in more money for fast food companies. All of this would be fine, if parents would pay more attention to how much time their kids are spending in front of the TV or the computer. I'm not suggesting that TV and computers rot brains or decrease intelligence or anything of the sort. Such thoughts in todays society are nothing more than the result of yellow journalism, which in and of itself is, for lack of a better term, nothing more than misplaced butthurt. Anyway, what I'm saying is that kids and some adults are living lifestyles that consists of bad food or lots of it and little to no excercise. While man people are able to correct this problem in later life through gym memberships, high chool p.e., etc, eventually the effects will become irreversible aside from surgery. Luckily, many experts have realized this and people are, if not choosing to excercise more or not eat fast foods, they are at least staying away from the fatty foods and going for water and subs over burgers and shakes.

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