To what audience do you think who would this book appeal?

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Hornby's work would appeal to lovers of "lad lit."  This particular genre is concerned with exploring the issues of modern men who are set amidst the social current of rising feminism and questioning their own identities.  Hornby has established himself in a prominent way in the genre with works such as High Fidelity. For those who find Hornby's voice in "lad lit" worthwhile, the characterizations of Martin and JJ would resonate as they explore the issues that men face in a social setting that might not validate their voice and in relationships that prove to be emotionally difficult to navigate.  

Another audience sector that would find the book appealing would be the college aged, twenty something reader.  Hornby's focus in A Long Way Down  is to examine how "completely the small idiocies and preoccupations of our lives are entwined with the big, serious stuff."   The characters who struggle through the challenges of being in the world resonate with those who are entering the lives of the workforce and conditions of being where emotional demands and external reality take a toll on self- identity.  Both audiences could find Hornby's work appealing.


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