What type of character is Hamlet? no

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The question of what type of character Hamlet has is a rich question, and one that has been explored extensively by critics over the last four hundred years.  Part of what makes Hamlet such an amazing and complicated play is the depth of Hamlet's character.  In some respects, Hamlet is heroic.  He fights to avenge the murder of his father and does not shrink against resistance.  At the same time, though, Hamlet demonstrates the unheroic trait of stalling and not acting quickly when it comes to dispatching Claudius.  He also does not treat Ophelia with proper regard (at least according to some critics).  Hamlet is presented, also, as being an intellectual.  He considers the world around him carefully and ponders the nature of life, death and existence.  Furthermore, with his direction of "The Mousetrap Play" he is presented as being an artist or director of sorts, revealing that he possess an artistic sensibility.  Throughout the play, Hamlet is obssessed by the issue of moral beauty and what he feels to be the lack of such in Denmark and, by extension, the world itself.   


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