What do you think of when you see/hear the words life and death?What can life or death be described as.  For example: When there is a loud noise, I think of death.  As in, a bomb.  It's loud and...

What do you think of when you see/hear the words life and death?

What can life or death be described as.  For example: When there is a loud noise, I think of death.  As in, a bomb.  It's loud and it can kill people.

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is certainly an interesting and thought-provoking question.  And, the answer is going to be completely different for everyone, based on their own personal experiences with life and death.  For example, if someone has had a loved one pass away, when they hear the word death they might think of a funeral, a coffin, or funereal flowers.  If no one has had a loved one pass away, they might think of death more abstractly, as in autumn leaves falling to the ground, or a driving by a graveyard.

For me, life brings to mind vibrant colors-cobalt blues, deep purples, crimson reds.  It brings to mind spring and birds singing, thunderous rainstorms, and the smell of a baby's skin.  It brings to mind the sound of children's laugher.  I can hear a heart beating, and feel the warm pulse under my fingertips.  Death brings to mind the smell of dark, mildewy undergrowth in a forest, dark skies, the heavy oppressive humidity and calm before a large storm.  I can hear a funeral parlor's somber organ notes and the sound of muffled weeping.  I imagine a crack of lightning-it reminds me of how death can strike anywhere, at any time, and its powerful emotional toll on people's life.  Granted, I am poetical by nature, so images like this suit my personality more than it might some other personality.  Any of the ideas that you come up with-including your bomb idea-can be used to write a really great poem.  I hope these thoughts help a bit with whatever assignment you are working on.  Good luck!

Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is so interesting that my immediate response to your question was so different from what you asked for in your first post!  I'll include it here just for the sake of interest:

My immediate response to your question: "What do you think of when you see/hear the words life and death?"  I immediately think of the phrase "life or death situation."  In other words, I think of a tragic situation where a human being is forced to make a choice between life or the end of their life.  It often involves great moral quandary as to whether that person would save herself or others.

My eventual response after reading your first post:  This is a very personal question with no right or wrong answer for anyone, of course.  That being said, for me, life can be described as existing from the moment of conception.  Life is vibrant.  Life is being cognisant of oneself.  Life is thought.  Life is happiness.  Most importantly, life is the greatest gift that God has given us.  Conversely, death is the end of life.  Death is dullness.  Death is swirling in nothingness.  Death is the absence of thought.  Choosing death (as in a crime such as murder) is taking away that great God-given gift of life. 

sharrons eNotes educator| Certified Educator
What do you think of when you see/hear the words life and death?

What can life or death be described as.  For example: When there is a loud noise, I think of death.  As in, a bomb.  It's loud and it can kill people.

Though some would say that life and death are opposites, I see similarities.

Both life and death are common to the human (or any organism for that matter) experience. 

Both life and death are miraculous and amazing, almost incomprehensible but yet very common.

For example, its amazing that in a second, a human life is created that never existed before.

Also in a second, a life no longer exists...

The two are both mind boggling.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The word "life" makes me think of new life, springtime, and babies. Budding flowers, trees turning green again, these are images that the word brings to my mind.

When I hear the term "death," I think of elderly people, coffins, funerals, and the color black.

skampani | Student
The juxtaposition of life and death makes me think of the true essence of life . The true essence of life is not your daily routine, the work you do or your duties or the grades you get. no, it not even about which school or college you studied in or about whom you love or whom you hate! The true essence of life is the tranquility felt by being completely aware of your presence and your existance on this planet , the rhythmic pattern of your breath and heartbeat. Whereas death on the other hand is an inevitable part of life.The music of death, should not only be accepted but also enjoyed for having its own fulfilling sounds. Death is not to be shunned or feared but accepted as the natural end of life.
epollock | Student

Whenever I see the words "life and death" I always momentarily think about the things I have not accomplished.  I feel that I have sometimes valuable time when i could have been doing something more useful.  I have the feeling that many people feel this way, and I was told that it was a natural occurrence. I do hope that I can relive my life as something else, though I do not know what that "something else would be.

kc4u | Student

For me 'life' is like a sentence, and 'death' is the full-stop that completes the sentence. It is an irony that completeness is fulfilment, and there is nothing beyond; hence completeness is 'death'. That which never lives, never dies. It is only when a fruit ripens, only when it attains fruition to the full, it drops down. 'Ripeness is all' and inching to that ripeness is 'life'.

krishna-agrawala | Student

For me life is a journey and death is end this journey. This journey may not always end at the desired destination. It can be cut short earlier also. This thought brings us to the next question - if life is a journey what is its destination. Also there are other questions like "Who is the traveller and what is the vehicle used?".

Frankly speaking I have no clear answers for these questions. There are a few things about which I am convinced in my mind. There are other things about which I am also confused. However I will share my ideas in the hope that this will evoke responses from others that will help me understand better.

I am the soul, and this body is the vehicle in which I am travelling. When death comes this journey will end because the vehicle stops working. But, hopefully the soul is still there. Without this soul, which has an existence independent of body, and which continues to live beyond the bodily death, I see no point in life. If life is just a flicker of light in the continuum of eternity that started billions of years back and will continue for billions of years, how does it matter if that flicker occurred or not.

I have no answer to all these. I do not know the purpose of my life. I do not know the destination I have to reach. But I have a hope that there is something worthwhile waiting for me - something undefined and undefinable in words. With this hope death is just a time to change vehicles and start on a new leg of the journey. Without this hope life itself is meaningless. With this hope death is just another event.

usha123 | Student

Life is something one should enjoy the span and death is something one should accept as it comes.

To me life is music. I feel life without music is like the world not around me. So everyone have their own interest in life. Death is beautifully expressed in John Keats poetries . After reading anybody would face death boldly.We do not know what is life after death. So during our lifetime we should as far as possible do good to others to face a painless death.

aamna | Student

well life and death r two extremly complicated things 2 b defined...al though v may consider them to b opposite but they stand in close relation 2 e/o.

in my mind, to b very much subjective...wen i think abt life it brings pictures o my past experiences, incidents people i have cm acros etc...life seems to b as deep as the big wide sea n death seems 2 b a dark smthng stashed under tht deep dark sea..

life gives a sense o beauty,warmth whereas death indicates coldness n smwht not a very beautiful feeling..it is a fear wch stirs d soul.

its my first time that i posted here.it might not b very accurate but i tried my best...best wishes to evryone reading it!