What do you think was the difference between the release and loss based on the way the community used these words?"The Giver"

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In The Giver, the community uses "loss" to describe the accidental death of a community member. The process of "release," while not initially revealed by the author, is the manner in which the community puroposely euthanizes one of its members.

In the story, there are three instances when someone might be "released." One instance is for violating a major rule. A second is if they are too old or too young to thrive in the community. And the third reason is if a community member is convicted of violating a rule of the community three times.

The whole notion of "release" in The Giver raises the question of whether or not a society has the right and or the obligation to euthanize one of its members. A controversial subject to be sure.

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