What do you think of Victor as a scientist?What do you think of Victor as a scientist?

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Victor, from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, is a very successful scientist. Victor, fueled by his obsession to reanimate life, is able to bring life back to a corpse. Based only on this fact, Victor is a very good scientist. He set out to accomplish something and did it.

On the other hand, one could have a large problem with Victor as a scientist based upon the fact that he was playing God. According to Christian theology, God should be the only one who has complete control over life and death.

One other problem that one may have with Victor and his scientific ability are those who look at Victor as taking something very sacred to woman away from them. From the beginning of time, women have been the only ones who have been able to give life. (There are cases of those who have been declared deceased and have been successfully resuscitated, but this is, typically, seen in a different light.) Feminists would look at the fact that Victor took away something that is inherently "theirs." Based upon this, some woman and most feminists would tend to believe that Victor is a horrible scientist.

The novel itself sets up a natural conflict regarding the importance of science verses the destructiveness of science.

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