What do you think of Thomas Friedman's view on ethics?  What do you think of Thomas Friedman's view on ethics?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Friedman's approach to how individuals should act in the modern setting is a very relevant one.  The fact that ethical conduct for Friedman has to be seen in a globalized context speaks to our current context.  Being able to make decisions in this context is powerful.  The idea of seeing that jobs and their development has to be understood in an informational age paradigm, where the internet and other forms of modern technology have to be embraced is a transformative notion.  In examining what Zakaria would call "the rise of the rest," Friedman demands that our ethical frame of reference involve what he would call a "crowded" setting, in that there are more consumers in the marketplace.  Demand is something that has to be understood in its fullest context.  For example, it becomes an ethical choice for companies to either plunge their resources into backing resources that are dwindling, as opposed to genuinely and authentically supporting endeavors for renewable energy sources.  This becomes more of an ethical course of action as we understand the "crowded" nature of the modern setting.