What do you think is the climax of Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements?

Expert Answers
lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This story is Andrew Clements' answer to anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to be invisible.  Set in Chicago, apparently during the present day, because of another character's reference to Brad Pitt, the story presents some interesting complexities since winter in Chicago is brutal, and Bobby can't very well walk around in clothes, given that his clothes would be seen, but his body would not.  A love story of sorts develops between Bobby and a blind girl named Alicia, who chafes at the assistance her mother insists at providing, and becomes Bobby's sole companion.  After Alicia suggests that Bobby needs to reappear, the story's climax occurs when the policeman and Mrs. Pagett open Bobby's closet door and find he is there.