Without giving away the ending, what are the main points and highlights in the book Jacob Have I Loved?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sara Louise Bradshaw lives in the shadow of her younger twin Caroline on the remote island of Rass on the Chesapeake Bay.  Caroline is everything Sara Louise is not - "so sure, so present, so easy, so light and gold".  Born the weaker child, Caroline has been the center of everyone's attention from the day she was born, and Sara Louise, not being as obviously needy, has been pushed to the side all her life, and is resentful and bitter.  She resolves to save up her pennies so that she can go away to school on the mainland and escape the confines of her family and the island.

Sara Louise befriends Captain Hiram Wallace, an old seaman with a checkered past who has returned to the island after a long absence.  When a hurricane strikes, the Captain's home is destroyed, and he comes to live with the Bradshaws for awhile before marrying an ailing island woman.  When he comes into a sum of money at her death, he returns to the Bradshaws with the announcement that he has decided to use his windfall to provide an opportunity at boarding school - for Caroline.

Katherine Paterson has created a multi-dimensional character and an absorbing tale in Sara Louise's quest to come to terms with the betrayals in her life and the reality of her self-absorbed sister's presence as she struggles to find her own identity.