What do you think should be done about the U.S crime problem?What do you think should be done about the U.S crime problem?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a wide ranging question and the answers derived will reflect its diverse nature.  I think that one particular approach would be to increase both the number of police officers in neighborhoods and increase their connection to the affected areas.  I think that if police officers are seen in a more sincere light of being connected to the community, they forge links to the area and help to become a barrier in the war against neighborhood crime.  Police officers that have strong connection to particular areas increase the likelihood of being able to connect with kids and adults and help to embrace positive and redemptive choices.  Being able to increase police presence that is respected and authenticated in the neighborhood can also help with collecting and sharing information that can help with crime prevention.  The presence of police officers as a reflective part of the neighborhood helps to connect authority and social setting in such a way that individuals do not see police as external realities but rather as part of the collective fabric, enabling a greater sense of protection to be evident.