What do you think the secret knowledge of "The Beasts of England" signifies? How do events in 1990-91 correlate with this?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The song "Beasts of England" is a parody of the socialist anthem "The Internationale".  Both songs call the people of the community to unite for the common good.  Both songs suggest a better future.  People (animals) will be safe, healthy, well-fed and happy if only they unite against tyrannical governments and take control themselves. 

"Beasts of England" correalates to the end of the socialist regime in Russia, which came about in 1990 and 1991.  Although, like in the story, the people overthrew their tyrannical Russian czars, the new government ended up in tyranny again.  The socialist leaders, like the pigs in the story, took more control and more wealth and made conditions more unbearable than before.  So, when the socialists fell in 1990/91, the "Tyrant man" again lost his throne.

Whats interesting now is that the cycle seems to be beginning again.  The recent vote in Russia is supporting a return to a communist/socialist regime.  The people are seeking again are more glorified future.