What do you think of the screenplay version hosted by Henry Fonda?What do you think of the screenplay version hosted by Henry Fonda?

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Of great interest in this film are the scenes and artifacts of the farm of Granny Weatherall. It is doubtful that many of today’s readers have seen a butterchurn, a wind-up floor-standing Victrola, or a “scratch” cake (in this age of cake mixes), or have seen how to lift a hen to recover eggs. The scenes reflect a period of the 1920s, although a 1937 Ford is driven in, and the farm has benefited from the introduction of Rural Electrification (earlier than it reached many farms). Ideas to think about are Granny’s philosophy of work, the way in which her recollections are introduced as dialogue rather than delirium-produced memory, the two males around the farm, her visions of George and Hapsy, why Granny’s early liveliness is followed so quickly by her quick failure and demise, and the effectiveness of her dying moments and the receding figures of her loved ones.

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