What do you think the rules would be if you had the job or assignment of Nurturer?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nurturers in Jonas's highly structured community are primarily responsible for caring and raising the newborn infants. Jonas's father is a Nurturer and is depicted as a responsible, compassionate person, who goes to great lengths to care for Gabriel. As a Nurturer, one would be required to feed, bathe, educate, and supervise the infants. Nurturers are also required to facilitate and record the infants' progress towards meeting their developmental goals, which is why Jonas's father brings Gabriel home. Nurturers are also responsible for killing infants who have medical issues or fail to meet their age-appropriate developmental goals. Since parents do not raise their children and only fifty infants are born each year, Nurturers are important to maintaining stability throughout society. Overall, Nurturers supervise, educate, and care for the newborn infants while simultaneously analyzing their developmental goals and executing infants with birth defects.

gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this world, Nurturers spend post of their times taking care of the young. Therefore, most of the rules I'd follow would be positive ones, and easy to follow: be kind, be caring, be gentle, etc. These rules fall somewhere between parenting, babysitting, and working in a daycare. You'd nurture people.What you would not do is the challenging side of parenting; you would not push the children to go past their limits, for example, or to face difficult truths directly.The hardest rule to follow would be the one that seems completely inhumane: to kill infants that are not thriving, and to do so in a casual, business-like fashion.

adam323 | Student

take care of young.