What do you think the relationship was really like between Nick Adams and his father? "Fathers and Sons" by Ernest Hemingway

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In Ernest Hemingway's "Fathers and Sons," a part of the Nick Adams series about a young man's coming of age, Nick drives through a small town rather than take a detour.  His son sleeps on the front seat beside him as Nick heads to a town where they will stay for the night.  As he drives on this trip to shoot quail, Nick is reminded of his father, who taught him to shoot and imbued him with a passion for hunting, a passion for which he is grateful to his father. As he continues to drive through the town, Nick remembers that his father

was very nervous.  Then, too, he was sentimental, and, like most sentimental people, he was both cruel and abused.  Also, he had much bad luck, and it was not all of it his own.  He had died in a trap that...

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