what do you think the pink ribbons are meant to signify?

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ejmcdon2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“Young Goodman Brown” is filled with symbols that add to the mood and plot of the story. The color pink is symbolic of innocence and bliss. Ribbons, in general, represent youthful innocence. These pink ribbons are mentioned by Hawthorn several times throughout the story, especially in the beginning. This reinforces the childlike purity of Faith’s character. Further in the story, Goodman brown sees the pink ribbons flutter down from heaven which are perceived as a sign that Faith has fallen from the graces of heaven and that she has lost her purity and innocence. At the end of the story, we once again see faith with her pink ribbons which suggest her return to innocence and create doubt in the mind of the reader as to whether it was all just a dream.

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