What do you think personal interests means?should we always go after our personal interests?when is it a good idea to aggressively pursue our personal interests?when is it not a good idea? Can you ever succeed in getting what you want but it not be a success, give an example.

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"Personal interests" typically refers to a person's true passions, the arts or activities that they would do every day if they could. These are often placed in contrast with "professional interests," a person's ambitions within the traditional professions and careers in modern society. Professional interests keep the bills paid and food on the table; personal interests are what get us out of bed in the morning.

For many young professionals, their ideal job would be a combination of their personal and professional interests. It is certainly difficult to make a living doing what you love, especially if that happens to be an artistic or nontraditional endeavor. However, for many people, a...

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