What do you think nurses can do to help in the current health care crisis?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In some respect, nurses and health care providers might be the buffer in between institutions and patients.  The reality is that the former sees their interests threatened by reform and the latter is crying out for it.  The nurses and other providers are the ones who are literally trapped in between both polarities.  While this position is challenging, there might be some level of transformation within it.  If nurses could be the buffer that allows patients to feel that they are cared for and can provide immediate care which allows patients to not become immersed in the political hot potato of health care reform, this might be where a level of dialogue can emerge in a setting where multiple, screaming, and sometimes dissonant voices are present.  Health care professionals such as nurses can allow patients to feel that while change to the institutional system as well as the national fabric, it will not alter the fact that care and comfort will be given to all patients.  The only way this is going to happen is through nurses and care providers who will continue to give their maximum in professionalism and competency.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nurses are a powerful group of people in America. They are essential to the health care industry. They are educated, and they are respected. Finally, there are a lot of them. For these reasons, if they come together, they will have a lot of political clout. In fact, they may have the most important voice. Also, they have a unique perspective. They know where the doctors are coming from, but also know what the patients are going through. Therefore, they can offer a great perspective to the rest of the country and to those that make policy.