Examine any personal feelings about The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

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In my mind, the most overwhelming feeling that is present in McCarthy's work centers on the everlasting connection between father and son.  In a world where everything has been reduced to the contingent, there is a poignancy about the relationship that both share.  There is much to hold sadness towards in McCarthy's vision of the future.  Community is scarce.  The bonds between human beings has been severed in exchange for living like an animal. Being a human being in this setting is not a good thing. Social and political structures do not help with the daily struggle of survival. Yet, in seeing the relationship between the father and son, the love that is present in the eyes of the other, as well as the sacrifice that both make for one another, there is hope.  This feeling of redemption does not substitute for the post- apocalyptic reality that surround both of them.  Yet, it is a start.  It is in this relationship where there can be hope for the future and a chance at making things better than what they are. There can be transcendent feelings in a world of contingency. The caring that is evident in their relationship is where I feel that the strength of the novel lies.


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