What do you think of Mr. Neck's opinion about who a "real" American is in Speak, and why is his opinion offensive?

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Mr. Neck is Melinda Sordino's social studies teacher in Merryweather High School. He is unprofessional, abuses his authority as a teacher, and bullies students.

In chapter 27, Mr. Neck writes the word "IMMIGRATION" on the board only to go on a rant against immigrants. He blames immigrants for the fact that his son did not get a job as a firefighter.

In Mr. Neck's mind, immigrants take everyone else's jobs. He calls this tendency "reverse discrimination" or discrimination of people who are caucasian. As part of the offensive rant, he prides himself in that the Neck family has been in the United States for over 200 years.

He further offends students by saying that the U.S. should have closed its borders to immigrants at the beginning of the century. This really offends those students whose families came to the U.S. after the 1900s, and a back and forth argument ensues.

Clearly, the statement that immigrants take the jobs of worthy people is false. Jobs are not just given away to people,...

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