What do you think the most important facts are about who, what, when, where, and why?

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

WHO: April - an 11 year old girl, pale with blond hair. She is very homesick and has come to live with her grandmother, and she's not used to other children.

Melanie - a slender 11 year old black girl who loves to read and is very creative. She befriends April when April moves into her apartment building.

Marshall - Melanie's 4 year old brother who is very mature for his age and has a stuffed animal octopus named "Security"

Elizabeth- a nine year old Chinese girl who is gentle and shy and befriends Melanie and April

Toby and Ken - two boys who later join the game

WHAT - The Egypt Game, a creative game about ancient Egypt

WHERE- The game takes place in back of an old junk shop in a "large University town in California, on a street called Orchard Avenue" (chap 1)

WHEN - the late 1960s

WHY - The children all had different reasons to play the game, but the overriding theme is the theme of friendship and opening up to others. April was an anti-social child who learned to play with other children and form friendships, the boys learned how to form a friendship with girls, and the Professor learned how to come out of his shell and enjoy being with people again.