what do you think montresors feelings are towards those have wronged him?What do you think Montresor's feelings are towards those have wronged him? 

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I don't think Montresor gives you many chances.  He takes offense at the slightest insult and holds a grudge for a long time.  I guess he might be a sociopath, with his mind inventing things that are not there.

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It depends on how he has been wronged. Montressor most wanted to get revenge on Fortunado for what seemed like more than one act. Clearly though, if Montressor was wronged to a certain degree, he is not the type of person who can forgive. He has the psyche of a sociopath -- one who is concerned only for himself and shows no or little emotion to events as extreme as executing a murder. Therefore, it is likely that anyone threatening his personal goals or well-being would be subject to a carefully plotted Montressor revenge.