What do you think the meaning of this quote is?"Ambition is a tough guy, but hope is a vulnerable and more spiritual creature."

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The quote seems to contrast ambition and hope by personifying them, or presenting them as different kinds of people. The speaker sees ambition of being personified as a guy who is "tough" in the way that he is always sticking to what he wants to achieve and his determination. However, this personification of ambition is compared with the presentation of hope as a kind of ethereal creature, not a human. Hope therefore lacks something of the meaty toughness of ambition as it is more "vulnerable" and presumably frail. At the same time, however, what it lacks in toughness it gains in spirituality thanks to the fact that it is a more "spiritual creature."

The quote therefore compares and contrasts the two qualities of ambition and hope, and although ambition seems to be the stronger of the two in terms of physical, gutsy strength, it is clear that hope itself has its own advantages through the way that it is a much more ethereal force that has its own strength in its spiritual nature.