What do you think of the Man in the Yellow Suit when he first appears?What do you think of the Man in the Yellow Suit when he first appears?

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From the initial moment we meet the Man in the Yellow suit, Babbitt paints him as a sinister and mysterious character. First off, given that she never gives him a name, we are always left with a feeling of uncertainty about him. Secondly, even when Winnie first meets the Man in the Yellow Suit she does not trust him. While she does chat with him, she is uneasy throughout the dialogue; she finds it unsettling that he is asking so many questions. She says there is something odd about him, though she cannot put her finger on it. Thirdly, we can further support Winnie's uneasy feeling about him when she is being kidnapped. Even though she is being kidnapped by strange people, when she spots the man in the yellow suit, she does not shout out to him for help. We can infer that she does not ask for help because she senses he is an ominous person.

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