What do you think makes Pip change his opinion of his benefactor from one of initial repugnance to one of deep and abiding love and respect?please answer ASAP need by tonite for paper!!!!!!

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writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip goes through a lot of changes throughout the book. One of the major changes is that he moves from thinking that everything in life is centered around wealth and reputation to understanding that regardless of social standing, love and loyalty are the most important characteristics of an individual. He is repulsed by his benefactor's identity at first because Magwitch is a criminal, an outcast, and if anyone finds out that he is the one backing Pip's great expectations, it will ruin Pip's social standing. This revelation also proves once and for all that Pip is not being funded by Miss Havisham in the hope of being married to Estella one day. The demolishing of this dream contributes to Pip's view as well.

When Pip loses everything, he realizes that the people he has treated the worst are the people that he is most loved by, and that includes Magwitch. He eventually sees that Magwitch willingly sacrifices everything to Pip, and that Magwitch has been loyal to Pip all along. Once Pip makes this realization, his attitude towards Magwitch, among others, does a complete 180.

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