In Romeo and Juliet, before drinking the potion, why is Juliet's speech so dramatic and moving?

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terifoltz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Juliet lists all the things that could possibly go wrong once she drinks the potion... this listing in itself is dramatic as it is very specific and includes details of  many frightening images... of suffocating or being beaten to death in that tomb... but none so frightening to her as the thought that the potion will not work and she will awake and be forced to marry Paris.  This is, of course, why she sleeps with a dagger just in case she is forced to kill herself rather than betray Romeo.  After Shakespeare has allowed the audience to hear all her doubts and fears, he allows us to see Juliet's resolve when she quickly drinks the potion.  now we know the extent of her love for Romeo and disdain for living without him.

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