What is the main theme of the poem "Dreams" by Anne Bronte? i know dreams is a poem that holds several themes such as loneliness ,love,and hope. but what would be "the"theme of the poem as a whole. i think its confusing.

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I believe that this poem is a lament for what could have been but is not. The poet states that she never feels alone because her dreams often transport her to a different world.

The poet first "dreams" that she is a mother, cuddling, comforting and loving a child.

Then I may cherish at my breast
An infant's form beloved and fair,
May smile and soothe it into rest
With all a Mother's fondest care

Then she dreams that she is loved by someone.

To feel my hand so kindly prest,
To know myself beloved at last,
To think my heart has found a rest,
My life of solitude is past!

She ends by asking God why he has given her a heart with such an immense capability to love if she is to remain alone, only dreaming about being loved and having a child to love.

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