What do you think is Lois Lowry's opinion of Jonas's father?Please use evidence from the book.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lowry is careful to demonstrate through the character of Jonas’s father that these are not bad people, but their society is wrong.

Jonas’s father is a good member of the community.  He follows the rules and does what he is told most of the time.  Jonas’s father is also more compassionate than most.  He seems to be genuinely interested in Gabriel, and takes steps to find out his name and even brings him home.  This is very unusual, and shows that he is basically a good person.

So how can a good person murder an infant in cold blood?  There is evidence that Jonas’s father does not really understand that he killing the infant is wrong.

Still in the special voice, his father was saying, "I know, I know. It hurts, little guy. But I have to use a vein, and the veins in your arms are still too teeny-weeny." (p. 148-149)

He does not view Release the way that we do.  In fact, he tells the baby “that wasn’t so bad” (p. 149).  Also, Jonas’s father would not find Release immoral.  Release is a part of his society.  This helps reinforce the idea that the blame lies with the Community, not with the individual.

asliozcan | Student

Jonas' father is a good citizen for the community, he just follows the rules and even though he loves babies because of his job he kills them which is an irony. He may look like an brutal murderer however he is just doing what he is told and he doesn't have any feelings. He takes care of his family and Gabe without hesitation.

canokcabollu | Student

Jonas's father is a nice citizen of the community,Lowry created a perfect product with him.He has a huge respect to his society,community and its laws.Also,I think that Lowry mentiones that the father is the best member of a society because sometimes his behaviours shows that he can do anything for his community;he is a tender-hearted nurturer but he could killed babies too.