What do you think of how families in Jonas’s community are formed in The Giver?What do you think of how families in Jonas’s community are formed in The Giver?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wow, it is the perfect family unit, all cooperation, no arguments, no fuss to do homework. But, is this really the ideal family? An ideal family is based on love and mutual understanding. There is room for dissension and growth of the individual, all the while providing enough guidance to lead one to an acceptable outcome. On the surface, the families seem perfect. To listen to the family dialogue and dream sharing, the reader becomes aware that nothing of significance is being discussed. The conversation is almost scripted. Jonas cannot share his inner turmoil about the training he receives to become the future Giver. His parents do not share the true nature of the duties in the community, i.e. the releasing of individuals. All is sugar-coated and meaningless designed to spare the individual true emotional range including grief.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's sort of like how things are in the whole book.  You don't have the kinds of problems that you have in real life, but you also don't get the joy.

In real life, forming a family isn't foolproof.  You can marry the wrong person.  You can have kids before you're ready.  Things can go wrong because that's how life is.  In the book, they avoid those kinds of problems.

But it's also sterile.  They don't risk the sorrow of making mistakes, but they don't have the capacity of having the true joy that family can bring.  Remember how Jonas reacts to the true love in the "memory" he is given?  That's what people miss out on in this society.