Harrison Bergeron Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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What do you think Harrison means when he says, "Now watch me become what I can become" in Harrison Bergeron? What does this statement tell you about his character?

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When Harrison makes this statement, he is weighed down by all his handicapping gear. After he says it, he begins to rip off everything that is weighing him down, such as his handicap body harness, his handicap head harness, and his rubber nose. He declares that he is an emperor and chooses a talented ballerina as his empress. He then dances with her.

What Harrison means in the quote is that he is going to show people what he is like when he is allowed to soar to his true potential. When he is not held back by all sorts of artificial constraints that keep him equal to other people and dully ordinary, he can dance in a startling way that holds people spellbound. When he becomes what he can fully become when he doesn't have to pretend to be like everyone else, he can inspire and awe people with his talent. This, to Harrison, is a positive trait that he wishes others would emulate.

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