What do you think Harper Lee's views on education are?

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I think that it is kind of hard to say what her views on the educational system of her time were, but it seems pretty clear as to what she thought of some aspects of education that she discusses in the book.  I don't know if these attitudes came about because of how things were in her time or not.

In the book, she seems to be very skeptical of the value of new ideas in education.  She thinks that Miss Caroline's "Dewey Decimal" ideas about education are pretty ridiculous.  This teacher's ideas seem to be kind of "new-fangled" with their emphasis on silently looking at flashcards and such.

I think she also thinks teachers who believed in these kinds of systems were too inflexible.  We see this in how Miss Caroline has such a hard time dealing with the fact that Scout is not conforming to her ideas of what a first grader should be.

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