What do you think happened before the play Hamlet begins?

Before Hamlet begins, for two nights running, the palace guards saw an apparition that resembles the late King Hamlet. Not long after the king’s death, his brother Claudius married his widow, Gertrude, and became king. Prince Hamlet grieved so deeply for his father that he became afflicted with melancholy, and he has been furious with his mother. Young Hamlet was romantically, and perhaps sexually, involved with Ophelia. Larger political events include Denmark’s victories over Norway.

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William Shakespeare provides considerable concrete information and numerous clues as to what happened in Elsinore in the months, weeks, and days preceding the beginning of the play’s action.

In act 1, scene 1, the audience learns that the former King Hamlet has died. This information is conveyed by two palace guards who discuss the apparition they saw the previous two nights, which strongly resembles the king. In the next scene, the brother of the late king, appears. From his speech, the audience learns that he has married King Hamlet’s widow, Gertrude. The identity of Prince Hamlet is established as the son of Hamlet Sr. and Gertrude. Furthermore, the prince did not inherit the throne; instead, Claudius, through his marriage, became king.

Young Hamlet, who had been studying in Germany, returned to Denmark after his father’s death. He deeply mourned his father and worried that his death was no accident. At various points in act 1, it is established that Hamlet’s grief continues to dominate his life and seems to have turned into the illness of melancholy (similar to modern-day depression). He became very angry with his mother, and as the play begins, he has not forgiven her for her quick remarriage.

Before Hamlet left for school, he had become romantically involved Ophelia, whose father is a high-level court advisor. It is possible that they had a sexual relationship and that Ophelia became pregnant. Hamlet’s melancholy has interfered with his ability to connect with her, and her father and brother have become opposed to their continuing as a couple.

The personal issues within the royal family have occurred within the context of ongoing political conflicts. Denmark and Norway have been at war, and the Danish forces have won some territory. The Danes are concerned that the Norwegian prince, Fortinbras, will soon resume hostilities.

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