What do you think had more influence on the development of ancient Chinese culture: geography and climate, government influence, or economic developments?

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One could say that government had more influence on the development of ancient Chinese culture than all the other factors mentioned.

Under the Han dynasty in the early third century CE, a distinctive Chinese culture began to emerge that consciously separated itself from that of the nomads of the plains of Central Asia. In the space of eighteen short years, the Han emperors set out to disseminate what they saw as the benefits of Chinese culture as widely as possible, thus ensuring its rapid development.

All aspects of Chinese culture developed under the Han dynasty. Science, the economy, and the arts all flourished during what has been regarded by successive generations of historians as a true golden age for China. But it was arguably in terms of education that the Han dynasty made the biggest contribution to the development of Chinese culture.

Whereas the previous dynasty, the Qin, had sought to restrict education, governments under the Han emperors actively promoted scholarship and learning. They made it a requirement for civil servants to have an extensive knowledge of classic literary texts such as the Shijing, or Classic of Poetry. Han governments also promoted the teachings of Confucius, which provided the philosophical foundation of the dynasty's rule.

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