What do you think Grandpop said to Erik on p. 288 in Edward Bloor's Tangerine?

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In the book "Tangerine" Paul and Eric had been questioned by the police and Paul had to admit what he had seen.  He told that Arthur Bauer had killed the boy and that Eric had told him to do it.   Paul's father’s dreams for Eric's football career had just fallen away.  Eric was sent home to stay in his house during further investigation.  When they arrived at the home the grandparents were there.

His parents told the grandparents the full story.  Grandpa was upset but calmed down and remembered they were a family.  Before they left he knocked on Eric's door to tell him something.  I believe that his grandfather went to tell him that he loved him no matter what he had done and that he was still there in case he needed him.