What do you think is a good quote from the book In Cold Blood?

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Two other memorable quotes are:

Alvin Dewey: Someday, somebody will explain to me the motive of a newspaper. First, you scream, "Find the bastards." Till we find them, you want to get us fired. When we find them, you accuse us of brutality. Before we go into court, you give them a trial by newspaper. When we finally  get a conviction, you want to save them by proving they were crazy in the first place.

Dick [to Perry] I'm SICK of it, maps, buried treasure, ALL OF IT! So ship it, burn it, get RID of that ton and a half of garbage! There AIN'T no buried treasure, and even if there WAS, boy, hell, you can’t even swim!

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Well, there are many of them, but I like the following:
"Dick was standing at the side of a black-surfaced highway, Route 66, his eyes fixed upon the immaculate emptiness as though the fervor of his gaze could force motorists to materialize."

I like this one because the description is literal—the highway is empty, and clean—but it is also a metaphor for the state of his soul: black, empty, etc. It also shows how self-deceptive Dick is—how out of touch with reality.

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''What is life?It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.It is as the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.''-Said by Chief Crowfoot, Blackfoot Indian Chief.      AND     It's true that Dad did not have a great extensive education but in school we only learn to recognise the words and to spell but the application of these words to real life is another thing that only life & living can give us. (Perry's sister)                                                            

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