What do you think could have been done different to prevent problems that occurred during the Arabs' attack on Israel?What do you think could have been done different to prevent problems that...

What do you think could have been done different to prevent problems that occurred during the Arabs' attack on Israel?

What do you think could have been done different to prevent problems that occurred during the Arabs' attack on Israel?

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The lines between Israel and Palestine are artificial. The idea was to create a Jewish state so that they Jews could live peacefully, including those who were expatriated during the war. The problem is that there has never been peace in the Middle East.
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Without a doubt, the partition of Palestine was going to cause challenges in the region.  The United Nations should have anticipated such a challenge.  The map of partition shows that the Jewish state in Palestine envelops and surrounds the Arab one.  In a region where Arabs had lived for generations, to have drawn such borders that almost look arbitrary or politically motivated from the Arab perspective should have been anticipated.  In addition to this, I think that the United Nations and others in support of the resolution could have done a better job of reaching out to the Arab nations or Arabs themselves in seeking to build support for the resolution and the border changes that were to result.  Finally, the nebulous term or zone of "international control" in Jerusalem seemed to be extremely vague.  Specificity could have been better articulated to all stakeholders.

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I assume that you are talking about the attack on Israel right after it declared independence.

I think the only thing that could have been done differently (that would have helped) would be to have negotiated a split of the land between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  This could have led to a two-state solution like the one being proposed now where the Palestinians could have had the West Bank (maybe as a part of Jordan) and the Israelis could have had the rest.  Perhaps they could have split Jerusalem.

There would probably have been problems, but the West could have imposed this on the area and there would not have been the legacy of hatred built up over the last 60 years to make this peace process as difficult as it now is.

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It is very difficult for people to accept division of their country so that people from all over the world can come and make the local people, who have been living their for centuries, aliens in their own homes. Even the countries who supported the cause of separate Jewish State, would have opposed this kind of division of their own countries.

It is worthwhile to note that the countries that supported the demand for Jewish State, were the countries that had been discriminating against Jews to various degrees. The desire and demand for a separate homeland by the Jews,  was intensified mainly because of such persecution of Jews. However, the very same countries, supported separate homeland for Jews in Palestine, rather than take effective steps to ensure of peace and prosperity to Jews in their existing homeland. These countries had also placed restrictions on immigration of Jews who fled Germany and other countries to avoid persecution during and before World War II.

I believe the correct approach for all the countries supporting Jewish state, who themselves claim to be above religious consideration, have encouraged division of humanity based on religion and added to discord between different religions by supporting formation of a nation based on religion. The only way they could have avoided the Palestinian conflict was by making the Jews safe and happy in their own existing homeland, rather than encouraging them to move to a different country formed on the basis of religion.