What do you think of the book Native Son?

mkcapen1 | Student

"Native Son," a book written by Richard Wright is an excellent tragedy about a young man who is destined for failure.  It is the story of a young black man, Bigger Thomas, whose mother helps him to get a job.  The family is poor and lives in the Ghetto.  Bigger plans a robbery with his friends but gets scared.  He takes the job for the white people, Mr. Dalton and his wife. He is confused by their daughter who tries to treat and speak to Bigger as a peer and friend.  She does not realize the harm that can come from such communication for him.  He has distrust of white people and with reason.

In the story he kills the girl after she comes home drunk He is trying to quiet her after having carried her into her room and accidentally suffocates her.  He is doomed.  He can not tell the truth about what happened because he is a black man that was in a white girl’s bedroom and killed her.  He knows there will be no justice for him.

The novel demonstrates that by measure of where Bigger was from, his background, his skin color, and racism, Bigger was doomed from the beginning.  It was an excellent novel when it was written because it made people take notice of the strained relationships between black and white and how circumstances were older because of racism and distrust.  I liked the novel but found it to be quite tragic.

rtsaindon | Student

I read this book as a sophomore in high school and it greatly effected me. I had never read such a raw novel, full of grit. It really made me think and was blessed to have an amazing English teacher that forced us to look deep into this piece of literature. I think it is an amazing novel, and so finely written. This novel still is considered one of my favorites. I wrote most of my essays preparing for my English Advanced Placement exam referencing this novel, and ended up referencing it on the actual exam.