What are the best websites for book blogs and book news?

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A great resource for literary facts based around the calendar is on eNotes! Calendar of Literary Facts.

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The best web sites for book blogs and book news are publishers’ web sites.

If you are looking for ideas for information about books, the best place to go is the book publisher’s web site.  This is a one stop shop for information about book tours, author backgrounds, interviews, and upcoming news.

Everyone in book publishing has a website. We know Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound and Borders among others sell books on the web. Authors have web sites that tell you about their writing. (huffingtonpost)

Publishers are trying to sell books, but they attempt to combine information and social networking on their websites.  They have blogs, and author web sites with excerpts from books and blogs by authors.

Penguin … has done a thorough job integrating social and web content with the books that it publishes. Featured high on the page are a well-updated news section and a spot for video content. (huffingtonpost)

So if you are interested in learning more about a book or an author, the first thing you should do it look on the book to see who the publisher is.  Then go to the publisher’s web site.

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