Based on the video below, what are the biggest dangers to population growth?

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The video details how much of a struggle life is when the issue of overpopulation is seen in a real world context.  The situation of Yolander Naz would demonstrate this.  In having so many children, Naz talks about how she "has to borrow rice sometimes from her neighbors" to make sure that they have food.  Lack of food is one resulting danger to population growth.  Naz also talks about how her husband is only able to find work two days of the week, making life extremely difficult from a compensation point of view.  This points to the shortage of jobs and the dangers of living a life of poverty due to overpopulation.  The more people that exist, the greater competition for jobs and the more likely that many people will be flooding a marketplace where they will not find jobs.  This is another danger to population growth.  I think that another danger that arises is that overpopulation is not merely one person's predicament.  For example, the video speaks to how many other women find themselves in Naz's position.  This means that the danger of overpopulation can be multiplied by more people who are enduring the same hardships, making the dangers even more pervasive and widespread.