illustration of a wolf standing in the forest looking toward a fallen tree that has pinned a man underneath

The Interlopers

by Saki

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What do you think the author of “The Interlopers” was trying to say about holding grudges?

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The author of the short story "The Interlopers", Saki, was making many points in this compact piece of fiction. One of the major points would be on the subject of hatred, enmity, and grudges. 

The two characters of the story, Ulrich and Georg, despise each other. Their families have been feuding over a piece of forestland that both families lay claim to. The forestland is generally worthless, as it is stated later by the characters. Yet it is coveted out of pride by both of them. The point on holding grudges has to do with waiting until it is too late to swallow your pride and end a feud. These two characters ended their feud, but not until they were trapped under a tree and it was too late. The deep irony lies in the fact that they never get to tell anyone of the truce they made because the wolves act as "interlopers" to the peace.

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