What do you think after reading "Sorry Wrong Number"?What do you think after reading "Sorry Wrong Number"?

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The question is a bit vague so I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for here -

Sorry, Wrong Number is a very clever script. The author does a terrific job of creating a suspenseful tone. The reader is kept on edge wondering how the pieces of the puzzle will come together. The use of flashbacks as a story telling device helps to effectively connect the pieces.  It was interesting to see the story unfold and to watch the tension and suspense build throughout the story. With Mrs. Stevenson's husband missing and the police ignoring her pleas, the excitement and anticipation is maintained throughout. In the end, it was a nice twist to find out that Mrs. Stevenson was actually the intended target of her husband's murder plot.

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this make us little bit harsh ......this word is difficult to digest as this is in our experience that no one use his balance in making wrong calls. if these words come then means some one is tracing your number.