Discuss your thoughts on the current situation with Swami Ramdev, especially in light of this past weekend's events.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a couple of issues here which make it a complex one.  The first would be that the overall issue of Swami Ramdev's fast is quite a legitimate one.  The issue of corruption has been present in Indian politics and government for some time.  If nothing else, Swami Ramdev's fast and arrest this weekend shines some much needed light on an issue that must be rectified should India wish to make serious inroads in the world community as a legitimate political and economic power.  Having said this, I think that there are some questions as to Swami Ramdev's motivations and whether or not there is some political posturing in his stance. In this light, whether or not Swami Ramdev is an actual "outsider" to the political scene, or merely antagonistic to the current Status Quo is brought into question. Some have criticized his fast as one motivated by publicity, suggesting that others have been doing the same thing for some time.  The most immediate name that comes to mind is Anna Hazare's stance on political corruption, in which his fast was not as widely covered as Swami Ramdev's, but actually achieved the passage of legislation in response to it and governmental assurance to adhere to his demands.   Certainly, the Congress Government's response of arresting him Swami Ramdev late at night, at a service with his followers present has brought on the unfavorable comparisons to Emergency and 1975, only enhancing Swami's activist stance and perhaps generating more support for him.

kukarad70 | Student

Swami Ramdev's Satyagraha is actually good for the nation's development and uprising of poor people who are exploited and poor. But there should be a point for agreement between Swami Ramdev and the government. Cruael action over the night among peacefully fasting innocent people who were expecting to see corruptionless India. The move of fasting is for betterment of the country and madness of goverment took step of dispersing the mass forcefully is against of humanist act. I could say from my side, Swami Ramdev should not take immediately decision for hunger strike, should go with gradual step and goverment should not scare that much so could come to take action in the night, there was next day too. Should take wise decision.